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打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文_打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文怎么写

ysladmin 2024-06-11
打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文_打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文怎么写       对于打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文的问题,我有些许经验和知识储备。希望我的回答能够为您提供一些启示和帮助。1.英语作文:(不要直接
打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文_打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文怎么写

       对于打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文的问题,我有些许经验和知识储备。希望我的回答能够为您提供一些启示和帮助。

1.英语作文:(不要直接翻译) 现请你据以下内容写一份关于羽毛球会的好处的宣传稿。


3.i love sports 英语作文

打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文_打羽毛球的好处 英文版作文怎么写

英语作文:(不要直接翻译) 现请你据以下内容写一份关于羽毛球会的好处的宣传稿。

       Hello everyone, welcome to the introduction session for the badminton club. I am the chairman of the club. Now I am going to tell you something more about how our club works.

       First, It's free to join. So, no need to worry about the money issues.

       Second, we have practices three times a week which can keep your body in a good condition and make you healthier.

       If you cannot play badminton properly, don't worry. We have professional coach who can teach you in person as well as provide suggestions to improve your skills.

       Finally, We organise matches at least once a month, and the winners will be given special presents.

       So, everyone is really welcome to join us. And hope you will enjoy being with us in the badminton club.



       Of all the sports ,i like badminton best.I like to watch the TV show about the badminton and I also like to play it.I enjoy the excitement the game brings to my life.

       Above all,playing badminton can make you physically fit and mentally strong.The win and loss of the game make you laugh and cry.Two players present the most exciting show that no other performances can match.




i love sports 英语作文

       你是不是对英语非常苦手,遇到英语作文就无处从下手非常头疼,没有写作思路呢?下面我就分享三篇关于运动好处的英语作文吧, 翻译也给出来了哦,希望能打开你的思路,让你下笔如有神!



       Recently, more and more people stay at home watching TV and surfing the Internet, which leads to obesity and even get serious illness.

       This is no doubt that sport is good for our health. A person who takes exercises regularly will keep fit. What’s more, exercise can make you well-behaved and confident. If you usually take exercise with your friends, you will be close to them. After all, sports can make your life more colorful.

       Nothing is more important than doing sports. It's time to take actions to stay away from the TV and computer and to take part in sport activities.






       Though PE class is a part of children’s education, many teenagers didn’t form the habit of doing exercise, they don’t have interest in sports. Enthusiasm for sports is of great importance, young people should treat it as their integral part of education.

       On the one hand, promoting enthusiasm for sports among teenagers helps them keep a healthy lifestyle. In the school, students are forced to take exercise in the PE class, they need to join certain activities. In this way, students live in a healthy lifestyle, they won’t get sick easily. But after they leaving school, no one forces them to do so, so they are lazy to take exercise, their bodies gets weaker.

       On the other hand, the enthusiasm for sports can help students enhance their sense of teamwork. As we known, most sports need more than one person to do, like badminton and table tennis, these sports needs more than two people. When students are playing badminton, they need to cooperate, so that they can defeat others, if they just keep an eye on themselves, they game can’t be played. Doing these sports will bring students the sense of teamwork, which is important for their career.

       People should keep the habit of taking exercise, the sound body ensures better future. Enthusiasm for sports can make people feel it a happiness to take exercise.







       As the proverb goes, “no one knows the value of health until he loses it.” From this, we know that health is very important to everybody. But how to keep fit? Many people believe that sports can offer people health and pleasure. As far as I concern, I think doing physical exercises have lots of advantages.

       First of all, doing exercises in the morning will refresh my body as well as give me a good appetite to eat my breakfast. What’s more, the air in the morning is really fresh and clean, so I can keep my mind clear and sound in the class. By doing physical every day I can keep my mind alert that I can finish my tasks in time. If I do not do any physical exercise, I will feel tired and my body becomes quite sluggish. During the night, I may find it becomes harder to fall asleep. Second, doing exercises everyday will help me to mound a better personality. It takes time and patient to do exercises. Sometimes I just want to give up, but my friends encourage me to carry on, then I feel a lot of satisfaction. Doing physical exercises makes me stronger and healthier. That’s my personal experience.








       I like sports very much because it is one of the best ways of keeping healthy and it can bring me lots of happiness. I like swimming, playing baketball and badminton. But playing table tennis is my favorite. I often play basketball with my friends after school and play table tennis with my father on weekend. When I doing sports, I always forget my worries.






I like sports, because doing sports is really a good thing. Firstly, it helps me keep healthy. Exercise is one of the most active and effective means to enhance the physical health. Secondly, doing sports is a good way to relax. When you are upset, sport may pull you out from depression. Finally, it’s easier to make friends while take part in sport activities, because you have the same interest. It’s important for making friends. All in all, I get a lot from sports.?






       I am a healthy girl ,because i like exercising, it’s good for our body.And my favorite exercise is swimming。 It’s really interesting 。every summer ,i always swim in the sea ,it makes me feel comfortable ,and i can swim very well ,my friend said that i like a fish in the sea. but some people may say it is easy to hurt while swimming. Yes, that’s right. But let’s face it, the advantages of sports far outweigh any risk of doing sports. Sports measure up to the expectations of people. Most of us love sports. We should follow the lead of sports athletes, as sports play an essential role in our life. Plenty of physical exercise will help you keep in shape.



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